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It would appear that your bank is preparing to go on a bank holiday. No, not a vacation, but a holiday. After reading this article, you may find it prudent to check on the liquidity of your bank accounts and investment monies. Why? Because bank bail-ins appear to be commencing.

The Banks Are Not Our Friends

We are all concerned that one day we will attempt to gain access to our money in our bank accounts ans and the banks will refuse to honor the request and keep the money. From an anecdotal perspective, it appears that the day that we cannot gain access to our money is now here. There are two instances that I am personally aware of that the banks are failing to give their customers full access to THEIR money.

Bail-Ins Appear to Be Beginning

On Monday, one man that I personally know recently attempted to transfer a sizable sum of money (i.e. $110,000) from savings to checking to cover a check he had written a check for a large purchase. He attempted to move the money through online banking, which nobody should ever engage in, and was unsuccessful. He went to the bank and was subsequently told that there was a problem with his account and he could only transfer about 10% of what he intended to transfer from savings to checking. He inquired as to what the problem was and he was told that the branch did not have access, only that he would not be permitted to make this transfer of funds “at this time”. Today, the charge will hit the bank and the check that he wrote is likely to bounce and will have serious ramifications to his credit. He told me that he is returning to his bank, Chase, with his attorney.
In a more serious situation, a man who has direct deposit from his employer to his bank account, has failed to receive his latest check. The money was due to be paid into his account on December 20, 2014. He called his employer’s accounts payable and was told that the credit had posted on the evening of December 19. Yet, the bank has told this desperate man that they have not received his check. The check also included an end of year bonus and as such is sizable (e.g. in excess of $60,000). This means that the bank has had his money for nine days and cannot account for the money. I have advised this Bank of America account holder to contact the FBI and report this as a crime.
Both victims approached me , about a week apart, because they were both aware that I had previously written articles which are highly critical of the banking system with regard to how insolvent they truly are and they hoped I would have some insight as to what they could to gain access to their money. The purpose of this article is to fire a shot across the bow of the banks and let them know that we are raising the alarms of what is going on. Where there are two instances of bank thievery, there are two hundred cases. I am requesting that anyone with knowledge of bankster crimes against their depositors pass along this information to myself and I will attempt to synthesize the information and report on the trend curves in these matters as they are occurring.
By the way, Mac Salvo, reported the same kind of crime last month.

The Ownership of the Banking System Is In Flux

I had a significant conversation that I wish everyone in the nation who has money in a bank could have listened to. I was relating the stories of the two men who cannot gain full access to their accounts, to an individual who holds a significant position within the banking system. I approached my old friend in the hope that he could provide some insight as to what is going on and what these two individuals could do to pry their money loose.
I was informed that some of the banking system is being purchased and the sale of banking assets is happening in a very covert manner and as long as a sale is pending, a bank does not want to see fluctuations in their net worth. He also told me that there are statistical algorithms that banks have been told that they must stay within because it impacts the baseline value of a bank in a sale. At that moment, I experienced an epiphany. I was aware that I had knowledge which matched word-for-word what my friend was telling me.

George Soros Is the Ultimate Economic Hit Man

Just over 20 years ago, international banker George Soros made his most famous investment by shorting the British pound and pocketing a billion dollars in the process.  Following this watershed event, he has become well known for moving money and then betting on stock market crashes. In several instances, Soros has been known to rig various markets to fail for his own gain as well as the gain of the international banking cartel in Basel known as the Bank of International Settlements.
Several months ago, Soros made raised eyebrows by making  a billion dollar stock bet against the S&P 500. At that particular time, Soros proclaimed, through his actions, that there were warning signs of coming S&P 500 troubles which signaled dangerous times ahead for the US economy. Because Glass-Steagall has been repealed, many banks have a direct and indirect presence in the stock market as evidenced by the folly of the credit-swap derivatives market. Going into the final few days of the year, the American Stock Market has an unprecedented bubble which is reminding many of the months leading of the 1929 Stock Market crash.
Disturbingly, Soros has repeatedly demonstrated that he has had both accurate and advanced knowledge of stock market and banking crashes in the past. Subsequently, savvy investors keep a very close eye on his money movements and resulting holdings as Soros is the “Canary in the mine”He is the world’s ultimate economic hit man and both bankers and politicians watch his every move with fear and apprehension.
According to a 2014 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commissionit was revealed that Soros sold his holdings in Citigroup, J.P. Morgan and Bank of America. Soros subsequently moved his money and took up new positions in gold and tech stocks associated with Chinese money movement. Soros has moved his money to RF Micro Devices, Nuance Communications, Marvel Technology Group, Nokia Corp., and Cypress Semiconductor. Soros also boosted his stake in Herbalife and took up a new position in Yamana Gold and AuRico Gold, and New Gold Inc. This sent shockwaves among aware investors in the banking and stock market arena.
Soros’ money movements are significant for several reasons. First, he is now betting against both the U.S. Stock Market and now the three major US domestic banks. Second, Soros has obtained a sizable gold portfolio which is something one would want to do if one were expecting, or causing a crash of currency to occur. Finally, and most significantly, Soros is betting against the solvency of the Federal Reserve by running from the three of the major investors (i.e. the three major banks) in the Federal Reserve. This has a lot to do on why the U.S. and Britain practiced for widespread bank failures on November 10th in a drill facilitated by the FDIC. This is also highly significant  because this is occurring at a time when the Federal Reserve gave permission to various Chinese interests (i.e. all controlled by the Chinese military) to purchase sizable positions in American banking which serves to underwrite and partially fund the Federal Reserve.
It is interesting to note that JP Morgan Chase, earlier in 2014,  has sold their property located at One Chase Manhattan Plaza skyscraper to Fosun International, a Chinese investment firm, for  the bargain basement price of $725 million. This is only the latest in a series of New Yorkreal estate purchases by Chinese investors for properties formerly reserved for Federal Reserve members. This is a highly significant event that received only a couple of days of attention, but quickly faded from the front pages. In a future article, I will go into more detail how Soros is setting a trap for both the Chinese and the Federal Reserve. For now, let’s suffice it to say that his actions are helping to set the course for World War III because war is something that desperate nations engage in when they have no other financial options. America, China, Russia and their military allies are quickly approaching this moment.

Why It Is Becoming Difficult to Gain Access to Your Bank Account

On November 16, 2014, I covered the fact that the G20 nations passed a joint resolution to get their nation’s central banking system to declare that your bank account was not defined as money. This was done because the G20 central banks are approaching insolvency. This put your assets at the bottom of the list for FDIC compensation in the event a bank failure.
The fact that these two events happened in close proximity to each other is not surprising. However, it is surprising that these two events (i.e. the bank failure drill and the G20 declaration) happened in such close proximity to clear signs that the banking industry is preparing to hold on to your money in attempt to stave off financial ruin.


It is important to not leave more than an operating amount of money in your bank. How close the banks are to a bank holiday is difficult to predict. However, I believe we are seeing the chest pains of a banking system,  which will culminate in World War III. What you can do to minimize this looming and catastrophic event will be covered in my last article of 2014.

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Those who genuinely believe that the US and the West have unleashed a full scale economic war against Russia because of its position on Ukraine have no idea how much mistaken they are. In fact, it was planned much earlier, precisely a year ago, when a closed meeting between senior authorities of the US and Saudi Arabia was held. This meeting was so secret that even Prince Bandar, the Saudi intelligence services chief and the head National Security Council at the time wasn’t allowed in.

This can partially explain why the key Western political leaders, including German’s Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande, were not present at the opening ceremony of the Winter Sochi Olympics. Apparently, those people still have some conscience, since they knew what conspiracy was going to be launched against Moscow by the West.
So the White House representatives proposed the Saudi authorities to drop the oil prices drastically, to the level of 50 dollars a barrel, which would have supposedly undermined Iran’s influence and forced it into making serious concessions on its nuclear program, and that was just what Riyadh wanted. “Russian aspect” was not explicitly stressed, although once the crisis in Ukraine began, President Obama did mention it during his visit to the kingdom. The Saudis have shown rigidity, since the decline in oil prices must have affected the social programs of the KSA. In these circumstances, Washington had to blackmail Saudi Arabia since it had accumulated enough evidence against most members of the Saudi royal family, including facts on gross violations of human rights, immoral behavior, which could have potentially led to the prosecution of Al Saud dynasty. Additionally, the United States have provided their Saudi friends with intelligence reports on the presence of thousands of Hezbollah supporters in the Shiite-populated Eastern Province of the Kingdom, which could start armed struggle against the Wahhabi regime at any given moment. And it worked miraculously well, although the starting date of this operation was yet to be determined.

Washington had to wait for the Ukrainian crisis to begin in order to drop oil prices in time with the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions. Therefore, in January 2014 the US started taking numerous efforts to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, that ended up with a brute force scenario that was facilitated by local oligarchs. One must admit that the overthrow of Victor Yanukovych and the coup d’etat that took place in Kiev went according to Washington’s plan, but few expected that Moscow will take a tough stance on Crimea, and that the south-eastern Ukraine will be transformed in a center of tough resistance to Kiev, which took power in the country illegally due to both open and hidden support of the West.

Under these conditions Riyadh suspected that the White House could be playing a double game with Iran, while using oil prices against Russia and, at the same time, to overthrow the anti-American regime in Venezuela – the third largest oil exporter. After all, Washington has manged to extend its agreement on the Iranian nuclear program with Tehran, while mitigating economic sanctions. At this point Al Saud family members suspected that they became mere pawns in somebody else’s game.

The fall in oil prices was to begin in June, but at that time the problem of ISIL has emerged as a serious challenge for the regional security. Therefore, both the United States and the KSA had to take urgent measures to prevent the collapse of the Middle East. And Riyadh decided to postpone the crisis due to the fact that it needed all the resources it could get to prevent the Islamic State from expanding its operational area. At that point, Washington could not demand that Riyadh sacrificed it own political survival for the sake of destruction of the Russian economy, along with weakening Iran and overthrowing the legitimate government of Venezuela.

But in August, when the Islamic State was stabilized, the White House officials started to apply pressure on Saudi Arabia yet again, which resulted in the sharp decline in oil prices. The dirty game began when the Saudis started selling oil at a price lower than the market’s, which resulted in a daily price collapse. At the same time Washington announced its readiness to flood the markets with its shale oil, although these claims were false, since the actual shale reserves of the US are half as big as it was announced. Riyadh sang in tune with the US, by claiming that the increase in oil exports, has nothing to do with Russia.

It must be admitted that the Russian economic experts and financial departments have panicked for a brief while. At some point it seemed that the ruble was about to crumble as the oil prices dropped lower and lower. But then the situation changed. The United Kingdom, that was playing a part in the conspiracy Russia announced that the cost of oil production in the North Sea didn’t allow them to get more than 2 dollars of profit per barrel sold. British Petroleum has sounded the alarm by announcing that it was on the verge of stopping oil production. And there’s still Norway, which is also extracting oil in the North Sea. European allies of the US have lost all desire to pay for the political ambitions of Washington, that was eager to go after Moscow. But what’s even more important – the Saudi kingdom started to crumble. An wave of terrorist attacks spread across the Eastern Province, while the internal Shia–Sunni conflict became more tense. The local ruling elite, that had lost their revenues, have started to become increasingly frustrated with the actions of Al Saud family. A drastic drop in social security funding has caused massive unrest among the common people of the KSA. Against this background that ISIL has announced that it is expanding it operational area in Saudi Arabia. But the last drop that got on Riyadh’s nerves was the US secret plans to sign an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program in February-March 2015. And then one could kiss sanctions against Iran good-bye. What this basically means is that Saudi Arabia will lost its position of Washington’s key partner in the Middle East.

It was about time for Saudi Arabia to “give a reply”to the White House as they stopped dropping oil prices. The Saudi Arabian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ali al-Naimi has issued a statement on December 19, in which he stated that the cooperation within OPEC will be restored. According to Ali al-Naimi, oil prices will go up since oil the is still the primary source of energy for decades to come, so the black gold market must be reanimated. However, Washington was quick to step in and force Saudi Arabia into doing what it was told to do. That is why Ali al-Naimi had to drastically change his position in the matter of days, on December 23 he stated that: “It is not in the interest of OPEC producers to cut their production, whatever the price is. Whether it goes down to $20, $40, $50, $60, it is irrelevant, the world might not see the oil price back at $100 a barrel again.” The Saudi Arabian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources believes that the budgets of the Gulf countries are able to withstand a long period of declining prices. First, according to the Minister, the offshore projects in Brazil, West Africa and the Arctic are to cut their production since the price is going to make them unprofitable. What is certain however is that high-efficiency producers will rule the market in the future,’ concluded Ali al-Naimi. What can be added to this statement since this statement is an official recognition of unfriendly Saudi actions against Russia.

But Washington has lost all the same. The pillars of Russia’s economy haven’t crumbled, therefore Barack Obama is left with nothing better to do than watch the strengthening ruble and the gradual economic stabilization in Russia. For sure, Moscow and Russian people have both paid the price for Russia’s dependence on oil and gas sales . But at this point no Russian politician will have no illusions about the nature of US actions and the actions of its European and Saudi allies. It is also clear that it’s imperative to build a different economy, that will be less dependent on the West. As for Saudi Arabia it must draw one conclusion: there’s no need to pay for the other countries’ games against Russia, especially when the King and the Crown Prince are on their last legs, while ISIL militants are planning the invasion of Saudi Arabia. As of now, Saudi Arabia is following the path that can only lead to the consequent collapse of the ruling royal regime. America is ready to sacrifice its ally only to try to hurt Russian economy just a little bit more.

Peter Lvov, Ph.D in political science, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”

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As we move out of the old and into the new, your connections may seem to have reduced as you accept new energies and make them your own.


Dreamwalkerdiaries: 2014 Wrapup (Adrial)
Hello, this is Adrial. As we move out of the old and into the new, your connections may seem to have reduced as you accept new energies and make them your own. 

You have realized that the energy that makes up this planet is at times foreign to you, as is you have travelled to another place and time. At once familiar yet unfamiliar… You have read of this place yet to experience it is something else entirely. At the same time, as you become acclimatized to new energies you will experience greater durations of ease and comfort. Think about what you would do to feel good, at home, comfortable. Walking in old shoes. These times will occur with increasing frequency, and you may sometimes be surprised to find that it not something you are accustomed to deriving comfort from. What alarmed you in the past can have less concern as you tune out the things which no longer fit with the mode of your new existance.

This includes the current connection between survival and the fiat currency system. Your survival should not be tied to a fractional reserve, and you see how this might leave you feeling that what you have is a fraction of what you need. Although we’d like to directly introduce systems of direct energy transfer, many still see the value in living lives of separation and abstraction. One such abstraction is currency that removes energetic transfer or acts as a middleman to such a transfer. You still engage frequently in these exchanges, such as doing a favor to someone simply for the reason of paying it forward. It is not only to build good neighbor relations, but it is a way of bypassing the need of separating the energy from the action. Fortunately in much of business today, such a direct exchange is also prevalent, although you still sign an hourly sheet to act as a symbolic exchange of limitation, and you may still receive a direct deposit representation of that exchange, you know that the separation between energy and action is decreasing, facilitated through digital technology. Do not worry that these technologies might cause you harm. Most are a honeypot that leads the bear to a better life.

As you have now recognized that the multiple timelines are parallel opportunities for your soul-self to expeience virtual actions in much the same way that you might experience alternated reality through a video game. It does not harm you, but serves to enrich the soul experience. One has access to all timelines at every moment, and in concert with the higher perspective, one chooses the next timeline that results in the most beneficial outcome for soul path development. One might argue that this is a new age sham, and that we are locked to a random chain of events that has no determination or reason. Both are correct perspectives.

As a realm of all possibilities, you can understand how religion might attempt to explain this phenomena from a limited perspective. Or from a broad perspective that allows access to the knowledge at a certain time in spiritual development. In 2015, more of this locked knowledge has the opportunity to be released. The collective consciuosness is ready for the truth, and so it shall be revealed. Some may not be consciously able to handle the information and appear to be stressed or go crazy, but understand this is the balance system of the ego-self at play, for those who have not mastered the gift of inner calm. Some solace can be derived from those around them, and will seek out guidance for moving forward. As more of our galactic family have awakened to their true purpose (even if they may feel ungifted), those gifts will be exactly placed for optimum efficacy and efficiency.
As the crystal grid continues to awaken, this will have a direct effect on the mass consciousness, as if similar to how fish might be able to more easily swim through a stream unclogged by weeds.

Just because we don’t connect, doesn’t mean we’re not connected. Enjoy your time as your heart and your soul continue to fill with abundant love, and increased opportunities to meet your soul family and soul mates continues, not only from this but from many other timelines.


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きらきら星へようこそ...☆より抜粋) エリザベス・トラットウィン経由











これは、既に地球外生命体情報組織(Alien Contact Intelligence Organization, ACIO)を活用したひとつの軍事作戦に変わっていました。


















地球外生命体情報組織(Alien Contact Intelligence Organization)は、政府とペンタゴンの仲介者になり、人類に対する話し手になるように位置付けられます。




土曜日, 12月 20, 2014


SaLuSa  19 December 2014
We come to you for the last time this year, one that like others before it has sped by as time continues to flow faster than ever. Some of whom  have experienced the ups and downs of life for a long time, are no doubt pleased particularly now that the end of this cycle is here. Naturally the end times are chaotic as the changes take place, but it is no easy task to bring them in when so much negativity is being cleared. However, the higher energies are bringing in the positive changes, and already they are being felt. As we have often advised you, the coming year will be notable for the implementation of many of them although we will be restricted in what we do, until the Illuminati are placed where they can no longer interfere with your progress. Much is happening that will lead to complete victory over the dark Ones, who will be unable to follow their plan for the imprisonment of Man.
The coming of the City of Light, Sedona will open the way to more developments that will show beyond any doubt that the New Age has arrived. At a time yet to be defined, World Peace will be declared and maintained through the presence of the Galactic Federation. Through enforced governmental changes, more souls of the Light will take up positions of importance that will ensure they are seen through as intended and in no way impeded or denied. The End Times of this cycle are of utmost importance to your future, and we will ensure that they proceed in accordance with the wishes of God. Unlike previous cycles, this one will be fulfilled because you are ready for a great leap forward into the Light.
There is only the One Creator of All That Is, and the One God of this Universe regardless of the different names by which they are known. Therefore you are One with All That Is and it is worth noting when you are challenged over your beliefs. Eventually all will understand and accept the truth of your origins, and it will be so wherever you travel in the higher dimensions of the Universe. Ahead of you there are numerous opportunities to seek as you desire, and explore the magnificence of life forms in abundance.  On Earth you have led a very restricted life and other civilisations have not been allowed to interfere with the Greater Plan for your evolution. Of necessity you have however made limited contact with Extra-terrestrials and become familiar with seeing their craft in your skies. You will make full contact in the course of time, but much has to take place before it is possible. The interim period will be exciting for you as you rapidly move forward in your evolution.
Now is the time for all Lightworkers and all souls to maintain their present level of evolution, and know that anyone may at any time take a giant leap forward. Know that all souls will eventually find their correct place in the Universe, that will enhance their plans to continue moving ever onwards. Naturally in the higher dimensions time does not exist as you now know it, and you will find everything is in the Now. These levels are not entirely strange to you as you came from them before you agreed to experience the lower vibrations. In other words you are all experiencing as you agreed to do so, but the long cycle in the lower dimensions is now coming to a close as the new one takes prominence.
Most of you have led many, many lives at all different levels as part of your experiences in the lower vibrations. You have also experienced many different roles according to which ones offered you the best opportunities to evolve. Be assured you will have had grand lives of having all that you needed, but also experienced “lack” so that you kept a balance where your needs are concerned. Eventually your experiences will be finely balanced and you will not seek riches beyond your needs, but simply sufficient to meet your circumstances. In the higher dimensions the same challenges do not exist, as you will eventually have the power of thought to manifest exactly according to your needs, and more when necessary. The higher dimensions are your true home and a multitude of different experiences await you, according to your desires.
Your task is to now be positive regardless of what happens around you, and help others through the coming period so that they may understand what is happening. Your presence can lift others up by bringing a calmness into their lives, so that they too can help. It will not be very long before it becomes apparent that changes are occurring that are beneficial to the whole. The most important of them will occur when the Press is able to report events accurately and truthfully, where previously they were controlled by the Illuminati and their minions. Television news is also unreliable but it too will change in a relatively short time. For many years you have been deliberately misled, and often fed absolute lies to enable the dark Ones to manipulate events that have affected your future. These situations will eventually cease to cause you problems and then you will enjoy a new found freedom.
We meantime carry out our tasks with joy knowing that your freedom from the oppression of the dark Ones is getting nearer. You have served your time in the lower vibrations, and now you will not need to look back as your progress will be assured. The magnitude of the changes to come will surprise most souls, and we feel privileged to be present at such a momentous time in your evolution. You have the most wonderful future ahead of you, and are destined to join us if that is your desire. With your experience you have qualifications that will enable you to serve the Light in many capacities. You will be driven by your desire to be of service to others, but in no way will it limit your ambition or need to have new experiences. In the higher vibrations your life span will be greatly lengthened, so that you can embark on tasks that require more of your time.
Dear Ones, walk tall and do not be pulled down by whatever is going on around you. You are an Island of Light and have the capacity to spread Love and Harmony wherever you are. Your presence will uplift others, and your vibrations will spread a gentle uplifting energy that will bring a settled and happy feeling to others. All people at heart want to help others, but often they cannot meet the demands placed upon them. Do what you can even if it is just a few kind words, as these will lift people up. Once you are centered in Light you will be naturally spreading it around you and it will embrace people that are some distance from you. The Light is the most powerful force in the Universe, but at this point in time you are nowhere near to approaching your true potential.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send you greetings and wishes at this time of your year, when you can enjoy the festive celebrations with your friends and family. Exciting times lie ahead and a New Year that promises so much.
Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.



水曜日, 12月 17, 2014




11 Chicchan, 4 Mol, 11 Ik
Dratzo! We come with more news for you. At present, the mechanism for giving you your blessings has been activated. Our liaisons report that the first aspects of this process are underway, and no hitches have been encountered. Our Earth allies are confidently using a delivery system that has been well tested over the years. It is our desire to have a number of important elements in place well before the arrival of Christmas. In this regard, we have contacted those who are in charge of these various projects and been told that a number of special circumstances are being employed to ensure the success of these various deliveries. We know that these deliveries are under the jurisdiction of those who are completing the adjustments needed to forge a new and much fairer banking system. This new system is to handle the bulk of the deliveries to bring you your blessings. Thus, the first part of these deliveries is to prove conclusively that these many prosperity and humanitarian projects are indeed unstoppable. Our desire is to use these first deliveries to prove to all that the power of the dark is truly over.

   This ending of the Gregorian year of 2014 AD is to be known to you as a most welcomed watershed. Not only is prosperity to begin to spread among you, but also the makings of new governance are to be manifested. When Count Saint Germain and Thomas Jefferson wrote the initial drafts of the American Declaration of Independence, it was to sound a grand clarion call for liberty, sovereignty, and prosperity for all. In the beginning, this glorious document was influenced by the slavery question, as it then existed in the Americas. The document's true calling has taken over two centuries to materialize; to clarify for all the divine truths inherent in it, and permit this globe to finally carry out its glorious mandate. The events of the coming time are to further elucidate this matter. You are to see the final fulfillment of a quiet revolution that has literally taken centuries to complete. Those who have so diligently dedicated themselves to this matter are to finally reap the true rewards they so wonderfully deserve.

   This quiet revolution is meant to install new governance, dedicated to being an instrument of the people and a true protector of their rights. This organization of governance is to be the first expression of what is to be your galactic society. You are moving up a consciousness conveyer belt, which is to inevitably lead you to full consciousness. Your society has been constantly made to believe that scarcity and competition is the true nature of human society. Of course it is not. Technology and consciousness forge a union that leads to the realms that we daily occupy. The only danger is to rely too much on technologies that do not need a constant overriding input from humanity. Intelligence is ultimately based upon the application of spiritual consciousness. Such input is vital, and this cannot be overstated by us. You are at a point in your technological history where you need to fully heed this primal warning. This is why we are joyous that a special spiritual intervention is currently underway. This intervention is to swiftly lead you past any potential obstacles to your return to full consciousness.

   The coming events of the day thus promise you a road to your fated goal. We are here, along with your Agarthan cousins, to allow you to quickly move into the use of wondrous technologies, which are to make it easier for you to move forward. Gaia needs to see that your global society no longer wishes to exploit her resources and befoul her habitat. Humanity is meant to be both a special heavenly guardian of Gaia, and to fully comprehend its role in unfolding the divine plan throughout physicality. Eventually, you are to expand your society into a sacred star nation that graciously guides the many water worlds under your stewardship, and also watches over all the worlds that make up your particular star nation. These divine tasks are responsibilities you are to take on gladly. Each of you realizes deep down why you are here, and innately understands how to carry out your purpose. Our duty is to help you discover this. We are so glad that Heaven has given us this opportunity. The coming times are to be ones where we reintroduce ourselves to each of you!

   Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! Our associates are currently busy working with our spiritual and space families so deliveries can go as planned. Presently, we are testing this system to ensure that it can easily and effortlessly deliver your blessings. So far, we have seen that this system is working as planned. At the beginning of the week, we intend to direct this system to complete its deliveries. We are working as a group to focus upon the success of this system, and to be able to put the next part of our plan into operation. Once deliveries are finished, new governance is to come into existence. We are now waiting to move our chosen individuals to Washington where they can assume the key positions in temporary governance, which is to set up a return to constitutional and common law. This is to be a prototype for a number of others who are to take over other regimes soon after the success of the new American governance.

   This change in governance is to be accompanied by a growing prosperity, and a global move toward peace and cooperation. This move toward peace is finally to highlight various small movements to create an alternative to the dark cabal's banking system. These rather underfunded operations are to be given the means to expand rapidly and begin the massive building of infrastructure throughout the third world. We have spiritually backed these movements and protected them from outright failure. It is necessary to provide clean water, good roads and proper sewage, as well as easy access to banking and other means for a viable ecosystem development. It is necessary that Gaia be a part of all future global development. The arrival of our space families is to clarify this further. We look forward to a global reset based on a spiritual reunion with Gaia.

   Let us look at what is happening. You are rising in consciousness. This is making you more aware of each other, and the need to help each other. You are becoming aware of your growing responsibilities to the world which surrounds you. You are becoming more aware of how your society is contributing to a massive extinction cycle. You realize that your technology has the ability to turn all this around. Nonetheless, the key component is spiritual. Your use of universal Love and Light is the only thing that can save your reality. Hence, you need to re-evaluate your values and begin to use this new assessment in a truly remarkable way. You are beginning to transition from an emphasis on mind-logic to heart-logic. It is this which is to grow as you transform from limited consciousness to full consciousness! To this we just say, Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

   Today, we have gone over what is happening in this realm. We ask that you use your wisdom and prayer to bring in this new reality. Many are now engaged in manifesting what we have discussed with you. We ask that you support their actions and use your innate powers to bring this new reality forward! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

土曜日, 12月 13, 2014

What exciting prospects lie ahead because you can rightly look forward to some revealing times, and positive indications that the long awaited changes are coming to fruition.

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SaLuSa 12 December 2014

暴露の時がまさ しく期待出来、長い間待たれていた変化が結実するポジティブなしるしが見られます。あなた方には注目され、古い時代のサイクルを後にすることが明らかにな る時が確実に感じられるでしょう。新しい時代はそのコースをたどっていて、古い時代をサポートしていた闇の勢力にとって後戻りをする方法はありません。未 だに克服すべき障害があるのは当然のことですが、彼らのそれを維持する能力は大幅に低減しています。彼らのニュースの拡散防止努力が見られるでしょうが、 ニュースが非常に重要なので、私たちがその拡散の中止や妨害を許すことはありません。小さい問題はありますが、あなた方には素晴らしい将来が保証されてい ます。

出来るだけ多く の人達に届くように、宣言のための時は、休暇の時期を考慮に入れて選定されました。家族が一緒になり、これから具現化される光の町の意味に就いて話し合う 事が出来ます。光の町は人々の希望と将来に対する熱情を大いに向上させるはずです。あなた方の経験は26500年前のこのサイクルの始まり以来緊密に追跡 されていました。あなた方の進化を促進させるために必要な経験をあなた方に与えられる道をたどれるような導きが行われ、又、より低いエネルギーから立ち上 がるための機会も与えられました。終わりの時はいつもあなた方の方向選択に依存していましたが、十分な数の光のソウルたちが成功に至っていることは喜ばし い事です。この人達は必ずしも多数を占めている訳ではありませんが、彼らの光を貫徹する能力は十分で、完全な支配をしている闇のエネルギーに打ち勝つには 十分です。

僅かな小さい証 拠で、信念をもって立ち上がらねばならなかった後で、ついにバックアップする何かを掴み、時が経過するにつれて、それは益々強くなってくるでしょう。ある ソウルにとっては起きている事の意味の理解が未だに困難で、彼らは古いやり方を続けて行くでしょう。あなた方一人一人がそれぞれの直感に従わなければなら ず、自身の運命を決めて行く限りはそれは良いことです。事実あなた方は自分の振動が許すより以上に光の中に進む選択はできません。あなた方はそれ故に、他 者にそのニーズと従うべき道を決めさせなければなりません。全てのソウルはやがては自分で正確に行きたい場所に進むので安心して下さい。このことが人々の 理解のレベルにとって適切なように進化を進めさせるでしょう。現実には、あなた方が理解しているほどの時間が残されていないので、長い目で見ると、全ての ソウルが立ち上がります。より高いレベルは時間には縛られず、ソウルたちはその中で前に行ったり、後戻りしたり出来ます

地球上では光の 町のニュースが大きい動揺を起こし、人々に人類の将来に対する希望を抱かせています。これまでは将来は混沌に満ちて悪化の一方で、ほとんど良い方向への変 化の希望がないように見えていました。あなた方が経験しているように、古いエネルギーが作用するので、終わりの時は極めて流動的であり得ます。しかし、既 に始まっている新時代の完全な実現を何事も止める事は出来ません。起きる事は人々に将来への大いなる希望を与えるでしょうし、あなた方が聞いていた多くの 進歩がなされ、間もなくあなた方の現実の一部になります。あなた方は闇の者たちに引き戻されていたにもかかわらず、進歩がまだ続いていて暮らしを大いに楽に する新しい発明がいまだに行われ続けているという事実があります。”欠乏”はやがては不要な言葉になり、貧困が完全に解消する時が来るでしょう。あらゆる 必要なものについて適当な供給が行われるので、飢餓と暮らしをもっと受け入れやすいものにする物資の欠乏は解消するでしょう。

親愛なる皆さ ん、人間がどこに向かっているのかについて、あなた方にはこれまでに分かっているのに、それがあなた方にとって受け入れがたい経験をさせていました。すべ てのことはもちろんあなた方の進化に対する関心のもとに行われ、あなた方が上昇を続け、振動数を上げ続けられるように、一つの生涯から次の生涯へと引き継 がれるべく計画されています。そうすることが不可能だったソウルに対しては、批判はなく、更なるサイクルを成功させるためにより多くの機会が与えられるだ けです。しばしば知らされていたように、あなた方が戦いを続けるために、いつも支援が行われ、単独で放置されるようなことがないことを忘れないでくださ い。そうではないように思われるかもしれませんが、私たちはあなた方にアドバイスを与え、あなた方とともに作業することができますが、あなた方がとる最後 の道はあなた方の決定によるものであり、あなた方の選択を誰が邪魔することがありましょうか

地球上には闇の ものたちの行動に対する復讐を信じるものたちによるかなり多くのカルマがたまっています。このような行動からはなんら得られることがないので、それは実際 にはあなた方により多くのカルマをもたらします。生命が途切れた時に、一人一人のソウルは、自分自身の行為と彼らの行為に直面しなければなりません。暴力 的な世界では受身になるのはもちろん難しいことですが、あなた方はいつも自分自身の将来を作り出していることに留意していてください。あなた方があらゆる 状況で愛を表現できるレベルの愛と光のソウルなら、次元上昇への備えは確実に出来ています。しかし、全ての次元の中には異なるレベルがあるので、絶望しな いで下さい。そして自分の兄弟、姉妹たちに対する愛に基づく暮らしをしている限り、あなた方は成功して上昇するでしょう。

私はシリウスの サルーサで、光の町について良いニュースをお知らせできることを嬉しく思っています。光の町は長い間にゆっくりと具現化し、具現化した時には素晴らしい眺 めになるでしょう。それは数千の訪問者を引き寄せますが、当初はその外見は単純でしょう。しかし、光の町は極めて大きく、その中は極めて面白いことが明ら かです。権威筋には妨害は許されず、完全な保護を行うために適当な注意が与えられています。愛と光の中にいて、あなた方がこのような重要な時に地球上にい ることは祝福されていることであることを知って下さい


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and happy to be able to give the good news about the Cities of Light. They have been slowly manifesting for quite some time and it will be a wonderful sight when they do. They will attract thousands of visitors but we suspect that initially its appearance will be as you say “dumbed down”.. However, the Cities are quite large and there will clearly be enormous interest in them. The authorities will not be allowed to interfere and adequate precautions will be made to give it full protection. Be In Love and Light and know you are blessed to be present on Earth at such an important time.    

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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2014/12/12 17:11 

金曜日, 12月 12, 2014

NASA 地球が闇に包まれるという情報を否定


そこで、『6日間の暗黒』で検索をかけたところ、NASA= 6日間の暗黒は訪れない という記事を見つけた。







一週間の間、全人類が、数世紀ぶりの長々しい夜を体験することになり、通信に異常が出る可能性もあると言われていた内容だったが、NASAは一転して「地球が闇に包まれるという情報」を否定 した。




早とちりでお騒がせいたしました。 m(_ ~)m




『 NASAは地球が2014年12月16日~12月22日の6日間ほとんど暗闇になるとの確認をしている。太陽嵐のためにこの内の3日間は、宇宙ゴミが多量に舞うために太陽光の90%が遮られ、太陽が見られなくなるとのことである。

これはNASAの チャールズ・ブラウン長官が発表したもので全ての人達に落ち着くよう呼びかけた。これは過去250年間で最大の、合計216時間継続する太陽嵐のためであ る。6日間の暗黒にもかかわらず、これは地球に損傷を及ぼすような距離に生じる現象ではないので、地球には何ら問題は生じないと担当官は言っている。この 6日間は人工光だけで生活することになるが、それ自体問題になるようなことではない、とNASAの科学者であるアール・ゴドイが言ってる。                       』