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 Rafapal: Iraqi Dinar reset; Fed dollar out, US Treasury Dollar & BRICS in; Wanta Gold coming


Reports are strong that an RV of currencies is scheduled to happen at any time which would strongly help to build up the money of people who saw the opportunity before others did. Whether you achieve sudden financial success through an RV of currencies or by other means, the following reports are smart to have for those now having the money they wanted in life and wondering how to use it wisely to give themselves a bright future instead of later losing their money again and starting life over again from scratch in case our national money loses suddenly its major value to buy with. These reports can help protect those who have a serious amount of money from national hyperinflation hitting them and financially ruining them in life by making their money not worth much more than used for wallpaper on the walls of your house or apartment.
     First of all before telling what reports we have available for you, let’s give you a smart tip on how to save your money if suddenly you collect a lot and don’t want it all taxed away by Wash., D.C. It has been stated that Wash., D.C. now has the highest corporate tax rate of any nation on earth and Obama wants to make it higher! Having been in business so many years of my life, I assure you that taxing businesses and individuals of too much of profits they make through business means badly hurts a national economy by drying up the funds which would finance the new industry and agriculture the nation needs for a good national economy. When investment funds dry up, jobs dry up also in a nation because the money to create mass new jobs is sucked up by the government and then the politicians heavily spend this money on projects which create little or no serious economic growth in a nation. In a symbolic sense, the politicians want to destroy the surplus money the money creators by sound business investments, etc. have created to add to the national wealth and prosperity of the nation involved.
     As soon as our proposed Omni Law is passed, we will block Wash., D.C. from being able to collect more than 10% of any surplus money created by those who put funds into the currencies which later went through the RV process for currency. Wash., D.C. cannot be trusted and according to some reports may try to tax such money at even 40% of all surplus money goes to Wash., D.C. instead of to those who took enormous risks to create this new surplus money for theAmerican economy to advance America as a nation.

     If our Omni Law is passed soon enough and Wash., D.C. has not through stupidity got rid of its stored up reserves of currencies that ended up in the RV of currencies used worldwide, we may be able to not only have zero taxes on surplus money generated through an international RV of foreign currencies, but also for maybe one year have all federal and state taxes suspended for this one year and letting all levels of government be financed for that year off of the surplus money created by the stored up reserves of special currencies that Wash., D.C. would know in advance would RV later and help pay off the national debt if not given away and thrown away by the politicians in Wash., D.C. who do not care to do the responsible thing about the national debt of America. In other words pay off the national debt if possible due to a unique situation that will not be available to America likely ever again!
     If the national debt is suddenly paid off and maybe state government debt as well, this may automatically eliminate the reason for most federal and state taxes in America which would be by this means giving a big wage increase to every person working in America, maybe much bigger profits for those in business, and maybe millions of new jobs created in America because now the money is available to build all the industry that America is capable of building and also so much money for agriculture as to even turn wastelands into giant new successful commercial farms in America. Our Mega Farm report listed below can show ordinary Americans how to turn any low cost wasteland into booming commercial farms. For those with surplus money creation of course created through the previously irresponsible government in power then and if America gets too prosperous, this eliminates the need for most taxes in America and your money is protected from tax confiscation by taxes on the RV of currencies, a great way to protect your money from being ruined by hyperinflation in the federal or state government in America.
     All these good things happen with passage of our Omni Law shown on our national website and probably none without passage of our Omni Law. Full name of our Omni Law on our website is The Omnibus Civil Rights Act For America. Basically it copies the ancient Roman idea of 10 civil tribunes which James Madison, “Father of the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights” endorsed as the smartest idea of ancient man to protect himself from tyranny in government and to force the government to be his servant rather than his intended master in life.

     We have 10 legal trustees created over Wash., D.C. who will investigate if necessary treason and corruption in Wash., D.C. and prosecute if required. Congress and federal agencies are notorious that they will not police the government for bad behavior towards the American people or even basic criminal acts towards the American people by federal personnel or federal agencies. This stops once some source acts with integrity to stop criminal acts and policies by Wash., D.C. against the American people. Also, when Congress is trying not to represent the American people in some issue or else misrepresent the American people, if the people so wish, we can call a national referendum by the American people so national laws and policies are either created or else cancelled based upon the will of the American people as shown by national vote. This legal tactic insures that the American people are now the master instead of the intended serfs, slaves, or inferior class to be ruled by the self-elected masters of Wash., D.C. holding the American people in contempt as their subjects with no legal rights before Wash., D.C.
     You order from our website our Tree Of Life seeds either $24.95 package or else $34.95 as described in our Product listing on our website, and take for free any of the bonus report or book listed below. Dr. Bob Beck, prominent health researcher when alive, listed these seeds as top on his list of alternative health answers for such as cancer. He sold none of the products that he listed and went by scientific tests on these he had access to the information from them from various health research sources. The nutritional level of these seeds is huge in comparison to usual other natural foods tested for nutrition and usual reported people got good health results with these. Also, plant these and use them as a supplementary food for your family or else sell them to others.
     With order for these packs of 100 seeds, each pack is worth one free bonus report or else The Early Roots book listed below until all bonus items are used up with any order. And you get double credit in our Omni Law Loan Program which means that a $25.00 order gets a free $50 credit in our Omni Law Loan Program. After passage of the Omni Law, we have a plan how you will be paid a $50 payment for this credit in your account. Also, per terms listed elsewhere on our website, you get a percentage royalty on net profits before taxes divided pro-rata between you and other account members in our Omni Law Loan Program for 30 years in the Vatican endorsed industrial food process we will have nationally and worldwide set up after passage of the Omni Law. Many other sources endorsed this super health food product including U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson and later head of the Mormon Church in America. Pope Pius XII endorsed this as potentially the greatest news for mankind since the coming of Christ since it was so important to world health. But Wash., D.C. bought off by corrupt interests did all it could to try and block this from the American people and all other races and nations on earth. Such Washington corruption inspired me to write up this Omni Law to end such corruption as bought off government in Wash., D.C.
          Or per $25.00 put directly into our Omni Law Loan Program as shown on our website and get $50.00 in our Omni Law Loan Program for each $25.00 Loan Payment deposited through our website or else sent by mail to our postal address. And get a free bonus report or else The Early Roots book for each $25.00 loan unit put into this loan program until you get one free bonus report or book for the number of actual $25 loan units or multiples you put into this program. The sale of our products on our website and this loan program are designed to help finance the passage of our Omni Law. With enough support, we evaluate that we can pass our Omni Law this year and maybe even before the November election which is soon. But we are not telling the other side how we judge we can suddenly win in America. I spent eleven calendar years inmilitary academies and it is dumb to tell the other side your smart plan how you judge that you can beat them before you commit to action on your key plan. The key pieces for this game of political chess are already on the chessboard but the other side will not see how we play this game until we commit to call “checkmate” on them! I was chess champion in military school and was good at strategy how to outwit the other side. I won my games by surprise, not by being so obvious that they could figure out what my secret plan was how to win against them. We should win.
      Speaking of winning, I had a heavy background in military intelligence. I have a piece of Nazi weapon technology from World War II that was supposed to never be captured by American or Soviet intelligence. When the Fourth Reich arose, then the reborn Nazi Germany would conquer the world with this secret Nazi weapon technology. Hitler would roll in his grave as I captured it instead of a Fourth Reich getting it! We build one modified version of it and I think we could capture one ISIS city in Iraq or Syria each day until their movement would be totally wiped out. Each day their entire military units would surrender as we made life so hellish for them on earth as they could not stand it and surrender as soon as we would let them. When the Omni Law is passed, then my hands are untied to arm America with the right weapons to win any war on earth if needed. But this technology will be under Christian control and not the Satanists who are far stronger in Wash., D.C. than the public realizes. I once had a private registered nurse to one of their top leaders and she told me how heavily they had penetrated Washington circles including Congress and also state governments to a lesser extent.

     When the good instead of evil lead Wash., D.C., America will fast win any wars. However, I require wars if necessary must be fought for good moral reasons and for justice on earth, not intended conquest on earth as this original Nazi technology confiscated by me was originally intended to be used for. When the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Pentagon see what my hand is, they will be stunned as victory can be guaranteed in any wars fought on earth! But only the saints and good on earth will have this backing, not the evil on earth. This last statement is symbolic to denote that the evil will not have possession of this Nazi technology that the most brilliant defense engineer of America in 25 years of the Cold War and I completed in technology and military designs.
     All these bonus reports and the book The Early Roots can only be sent to your email and will be in PDF form if needed. These are not intended to be sent to you by mail as that makes it far more difficult to supply to you and far more costly which defeats the reason for this bonus offer good through Sept. 27, 2014. Then bonus offer over.     
      As we use Paypal on our website, you look for the instruction box with their order form and tell the merchant (meaning us in this case) what bonus reports or the book that you want. If a problem doing this, send us an email about your order sent to us and what bonus reports or the book that you want. You can send us an order by mail but give us an email to send any bonus reports to.
      First of all on our website, we have two free bonus reports that you don’t have to place any orders to receive. Just copy and paste them off our website and feel free to share them with all Americans. They are “God Exists. Obvious Proofs!” and “Miracles Of God!” I don’t tell people to believe in God. I show stunning proofs of God that virtually anyone can understand such as stunning Miracles of God witnessed even by 70,000 to 100,000 people at one time in less than 100 years ago. I maybe show that there are good Christians in both the Catholic and Protestant side so God has displayed supernatural gifts at times to either side which shows mankind in general that God exists and cares about us on earth. I knock the theory of evolution out of the world of credibility showing the flaws to it meaning it is not science and not valid in its theoretical position. An example is when reversing population figures for the earth to back when math says mankind must have started on earth, the math says that mankind has been on this earth only maybe up to 10,000 to 15,000 years maximum and not millions of years as claimed by evolutionists. And I show other holes to their arguments also. You have the Bible full of prophecies that came true and the Koran and other religious books of their founders of major religions don’t have this track record of their prophecies mass coming true as the Christian and Jewish Bible has! Christianity has had mass Miracles of God in it for a non-stop running for around 2,000 years since its founding by Jesus Christ and other religions do not have this track record of verified supernatural events in them like this. But read these reports and see the truth for yourself. All churches Catholic or Protestant could use these two reports to win nearly all of America to God and Christianity if they got serious about winning America back to solid faith in God again! Win America solidly back to God and then the churches can debate the issues which divide them and let sound scholarship and good God-given common sense lead them to common grounds until the civil war in Christianity is finally over and Christians and we can all return to what my book is talking about which is “The Early Roots Of Apostolic Christianity” by Erasmus of America. I went to the early Christian writings and found common grounds that the Catholics and Protestants could check their churches with and see if they are a match for what early Christianity taught or not. Both Catholic and Protestant sides have good points in them, but finding the common ground between them is the trick to give Christianity back its strength to win the world with!
        Bonus 1. “The Early Roots Of Apostolic Christianity” By Erasmus Of America (in PDF form so it can be sent nationally and worldwide for people to have.) Have gotten many good comments on it from both Catholic and Protestant. One lay Catholic monk called this maybe the greatest Christian classic written in America since America was founded as a nation and his own eyes were opened up with some angles I showed in it from early Apostolic Christianity. To get this as a free bonus just write “Send Bonus 1.” Book normally sells for $25.00. In this version, some people have liked very much the Christian religious artwork which they thought very pretty and striking in this large book. By the way, Erasmus of America is my pen name as I like the early Erasmus stand for reform, but not division and destruction of Christianity from within!
     Bonus 2: How To Homemake Your Own Auto And Heating Fuel For As Low As 10 Cents A Gallon. $15.00 Regular Price. To get this, just write, “Send Bonus 2.”
      Bonus 3. Building Mega Farms On Wasteland.” After writing this report, I was suddenly rated a national authority in agriculture. I was invited to be a chief adviser to one international farming project abroad and many showed strong approval of this report. I tell how to salvage the farming disaster such as in California and raise farming crops anywhere in the world using advanced forms of hydroponic farming. Also, how to do this in your apartment or garden in back. Also, my other report I am throwing in free with this is “Organic Farming Report” which separately I would sell for $15.00. This shows how to use advanced organic farming to replace GMO crops across the world and outproduce GMO crops in the world. We need to farm by God’s methods, not those of men driven only by greed and came up with a bad version of raising food for mankind on earth. For this free bonus of two bonus reports together, write,  “Send Bonus 3.” My second report also shows how to use organic farming in your apartment or garden in back. If you have heavy money to protect from being lost, set up commercial farms using report one, two, or both, and selling great food crops to the people, do business regularly whether in a good economy or else a disaster as an economy, but society must have food or else die! Your market is waiting for you!
     Bonus 4: “12 Methods Inventors Used To Increase Gas Mileage In Cars.” Shows methods used in earlier decades to increase gas mileage up to even 100 miles per gallon or slightly higher in some cases. See how to modify your current car to these inventor tactics and you can potentially run your car for a fraction of the cost of regular cars today. Or even run your car on different fuels than gasoline. Write: “Send Bonus 4.”
     Bonus 5: “Hydroponic Report On Raising Non-GMO Food In Your Apartment Or House.” $15.00. Write: “Send Bonus 5.”
      Remember this bonus offer ends at the end of Sept. 27, 2014 so get this information now while available like this.
      Our website is www.fastboomamericaneconomy.com Our email isfastboomamericaneconomy.com@gmail.comOur mailing address if not ordering through the website is NIFI< P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for.
     Wash., D.C. has a secret war going on against the bright and talented in America. Probably over 3 dozen good cancer cures have been suppressed by Wash., D.C., many high gas mileage systems suppressed by them, many excellent business programs paid too good and so Wash., D.C. legally framed and destroyed them as central banking interests wanted them to do. And I could list many more examples of corruption in Wash., D.C. law and how it is applied in America.
     In case this reported RV of currencies does occur any time now, I felt this report was what should be supplied to Americans now to make their future better and happier in America than if left up to the evil and corrupt leaders running too much of Wash., D.C. now. Share this report with others! As the Bible says, “Listen to the truth and the truth shall make you free!”

      Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for that American who dares to speak the truth in America becoming Anti-Christ under Obama and other corrupt leaders in America. I intend to win America back to Christian values and once move live under the motto, “One Nation Under God!” As the early Christians taught such as Bishop Irenaeus around 178 A.D., mankind was given authority by God to decide what government they should live under or else change to that government they want to live under! Under God we have political rights also! The Early Founding Fathers of America called these God-given rights “Natural Law” which was the basis for writing the American Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 founding America as a Christian nation, Not atheist, not Marxist, not Muslim, etc. but a Christian nation with room for religious freedom for Jews and others consenting to live under a Christian founded nation which believed in freedom for mankind on earth! And God is our ruler as taught by Thomas Paine in “Common Sense” – the booklet which rallied the American people to found a new nation!)     

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