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A Message From St. Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin, June 14, 2013
 14 June 2013 - 6:54pm |  cosmicascension... Channeler:
Beth Trutwin

たきさんのホームページ見出し『6月15日   セント・ジャーメイン・・・ジョージ・W・ブッシュシニアはディック・チェニーとともにクローンです。彼らは逮捕され、同時にオバマ大統領が逮捕について説明をする告知を行い、NESARA法を発効させるでしょう。』http://www12.plala.or.jp/gflservice/gflservice.html

A Message From St. Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin, June 14, 2013

Greetings! This is St. Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin. I come to you now from China. Arrests will begin here. Hillary Clinton and her Cousin Angela Merkel will closely follow. The Chinese funded back in 1933 the United States and hid the bankruptcy from the U.S. Citizens. George Bush Sr and George Bush Jr with Dick Cheney are all clones. They will be arrested and simultaneously President Obama will make Announcements explaining the arrests and enacting NESARA Law.
こんにちは!こちらはエリザベス・トゥルートウ インを経由してのセント・ジャーメインです。私は今中国に来ています。逮捕はここから始まるでしょう。ヒラリー・クリントンと、彼女の従兄弟のアンジェ ラ・メルケルがそれに引き続くでしょう。中国は1933年に米国に投資をし、米国市民から破産を隠しました。ジョージ・W・ブッシュシニアはディック・ チェニーとともにクローンです。彼らは逮捕され、同時にオバマ大統領が逮捕について説明をする告知を行い、NESARA法を発効させるでしょう。 

 All of this goes back to the late 1500s and early 1600s the untold story of the United States beginning. The original seven colonies of the New Land were all French. They were the Templars who are descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdelene from Rennes Le Chateau in southern France. This group brought with them the Rosicrucian manifesto which is the Brotherhood of the Rose Cross. Planet X, Niburu, The 12th Planet pictograph the "Planet of the Crossing", was a cross. The Rose reflects the Kumaras from Venus, of which I am one. I have never laid down my physical body, but have always been incarnate on Earth. The same is true for Lord Maitreya who was the Buddha and the Krishna. Some of my lives have been as Count of Rakoczy, Francis Bacon, Christopher Columbus, Roger Bacon, St. Joseph, Father of Jesus. I am also known as the Cosmic Alchemist.
この全ては1500年代の末、及び1600年代 の初めの米国についての今まで語られたことがない物語に遡ります。当初の新大陸の七つの植民地は全てがフランスのものでした。これらは、ジーザスと南フラ ンスのレンヌ・ル・シャトー出身のマグデラのメアリーの子孫のテンプル騎士団です。このグループはバラの兄弟団であることを示すバラ十字会のしるしを抱い ていました。惑星Xである、交差する惑星、ニブルの絵文字の十字です。バラは金星から来た、私が属するクマラ人を意味しています。私は肉体を脱いだことは なく、いつも地球に転生していました。同じことはロード・マイトレーヤについても言うことができ、彼は仏陀とクリシュナとして転生しました。私の生涯のい くつかは、ロコシー伯爵、フランシス・ベーコン、クリストファー・コロンブス、ロジャー・ベーコン、セント・ジョセフ、ジーザスの父でした。私は又、宇宙 の錬金術師としても知られています。 

 I came to the United States to help the Founding Fathers write the Declaration of Independence. As Francis Bacon I had been Attorney General and Chancellor of England. This role was as presiding officer of the House of Lords, and the head of the judiciary in England and Wales. The United States would be the World Headquarters of the New JerUSAlem. This is where Mother Earth would heal the wounds of Atlantis and begin the New Age. As Francis Bacon I sent my son to live in the colony of Virginia. Still today I have two offices in Virginia and one in Washington D.C. as I continue my work leading up to the Announcements and Enactment of NESARA Law.
私は建国の父たちの独立宣言の起草を助けるため に米国に来ました。フランシス・ベーコンとして、イギリスの国務長官及び首相を勤めました。この役割は、英国上院の議長であり、イングランド、及びウエー ルズの司法長官でもありました。米国は、新しいエルサレム(JerUSAem)の世界的本部になるでしょう。ここは、母なる地球がアトランティスの傷を癒 し、新しい時代を始める場所なのです。フランシス・ベーコンとして、私は息子を植民地バージニアに住むように送り込みました。今でも、私は、告知と NESARA法の発効までの間続く仕事のために、バージニアとワシントンDCに二つのオフィスを持っています。 

 I counseled and supported the works of the Rosicrucian-Freemasons including Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. After the Declaration of Independence was signed I continued to help establish Divine Government. I was destined to be King of England, but as Elizabeth I illegitimate son I was forced out of the castle and taken in by the Bacons. I was a Moor as was my Mother Queen Elizabeth I. The Moorish Brothers who had fought in the American Revolution became the first Presidents of the United States after the Articles of Confederation were adopted in 1781. The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union was modeled after the Intergalactic Confederation and was the first attempt of Unity Consciousness in Government on Earth. This did not work out. Washington was the first President after the Constitution under the new doctrine in 1787.
私は、トーマス・ペイン、トーマス・ジェファー ソン、ジョージ・ワシントン、及びベンジャミン・フランクリンを含むバラ十字団のフリーメーソンの仕事の相談に乗り、支援しました。独立宣言の署名後に、 私は聖なる政府の設立を助け続けました。私は英国王になる運命でしたが、エリザベス一世が息子を私生児としたので、私は城から出され、ベーコン性を名乗り ました。私は母のクイーンエリザベス一世がそうであったように、ムーア人でした。アメリカ革命で戦ったムーア人の兄弟は1781年に13州による契約書の 批准後に第一代の米国大統領になりました。13州による契約書と永遠の統合は、銀河間連合に倣ったものであり、地球上の政府における統一意識の最初の試み でした。ワシントンは、1787年の新綱領の下に第一代の大統領になりました。 

 The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 made the United States into a corporation operating under martial law. That continues until this day. Since the beginning of the United States there has never been true freedom. Because of this things have become corrupt and more corrupt. The United States Corporation was Quit Claimed to the International Monetary Fund in 1944 and became a foreign controlled private corporation. By 1971 each of the States of the United States had formed State Corporations. Now the elected officials in each State no longer represented the People, but represented a Corporation. There is no more We The People. The original 13th Amendment called the Titles of Nobility Act prevented anyone who had ties to the Crown in England from holding a public office. This would have been like having the Monarch and the President as One.

1944年に国際金融基金(IMF)に吸収さ れ、外国資本が支配する私的企業になりました。1971年までに、米国の各州は州企業として形成されました。今では各州の選挙で選ばれた官吏はもはや民衆 を代表してはおらず、企業の代表になっています。今では私たち民衆はいないのです。当初の貴族称号条項と呼ばれる憲法修正13条は、英国王とのつながりが ある者は誰も、公共のオフィスを持つことを禁止しています。これはまるで、君主と大統領を一つにまとめたようなものでした。  

 As time went on the taxation in the United States, the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Reserve Bank were using government branches and executive orders to steal money and land from the Citizens. They were regarded as foreign enemies to the Corporation United States.

 Divine Government has arrived after many years as NESARA Law. From 1993 until 1999 Barack Obama, my Moorish relative, and 14 others worked on writing the 75 page document called NESARA Law including Bernie Sanders, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid,Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Patrick Leahy, Barbara Lee and Paul Wellstone. NESARA Law was signed into law in October of 2000 but was not enacted. This was kept a secret from the Citizens in order to protect the Law until the right timing. It also protected President Obama because knowing he was a writer of the original law and a new Declaration of Independence, his life would have been very hard to protect. In order for NESARA to be a success we had to coordinate Arrests with Announcements. Many of President Obamas actions have been blocked and having everything come together at the right time has been quite the chore. Just when we were ready, especially close in 2009, then something would happen to make an unavoidable delay. Since NESARA was signed in 2000 then in May of 2011 President Obama put his signature on the law keeping it up to date.
聖なる政府は、長い年月を経て、NESARA法 として形をなしました。1993年から、1999年まで、私のムーア人の親戚である、バラク・オバマと、バーニー・サンダース、バーバラ・ボクサー、ハ リー・レイド、チャーリー・ランゲル、マキシン・ウオーターズ、ナンシー・ペロシ、バーニー・フランク、ロン・ポール、デニス・クチニッチ、パトリック・ リーヒー、バーバラ・リー、及びポール・ウエルストンの14人の者たちは、NESARA法と呼ばれる75ページの法律書の起草に従事しました。 NESARA法は2000年10月に署名されて法として成立しましたが、発効はしませんでした。適切な時が来るまで、この法を保護するために、市民に対し ては秘密にされました。オバマ大統領がこの法と新しい独立宣言の起草者の一人であることが知られ、彼の生活の保護は非常に困難であったので、秘密にするこ とは彼の保護にもなりました。NESARA法を成功に導くためには、私たちは告知と共に行う逮捕を組織しなければなりませんでした。オバマ大統領の多くの 行動は邪魔され、全てのことを適切な時に同時に行うのは困難をきわめました。準備が出来たその時に、特に2009年に近くなると、避けがたい遅延を起こす 何かが起きることになっていました。NESARA法は2000年に署名されましたが、2011年5月にオバマ大統領は、この法律を最新のものにする署名を しました。 

 Now so much has taken place in the Cosmos that enactment of NESARA Law has become inevitable. It is not about money - not at all. It is not about revaluing currencies or real estate. It is about Divine Government. Those who are playing in the hedge funds or with cashing in dinar or other games they shouldn’t be playing at will be considered criminals and will not receive any funds from the 78 programs or the 135,000 humanitarian funds. Some will be sent to out of the United States permanently with no money and others will be going to the Hague. Be Love. In Shallah! This is St. Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin, June 14, 2013. © All Rights Reserved. http://ElizabethTrutwin.org, http://GalacticRoundTable.org,http://StarGateEarth.org An Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at eltrutwin@gmail.com It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session on video Skype or telephone and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. Sananda’s Invitation through Elizabeth Trutwin: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this time. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked Beth to offer her Service for 1 hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the light. ~Lord Sananda For more information please visit http://ElizabethTrutwin.org/SanandaKumara
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 President Obama was involved with this program many years ago and has traveled all over preparing for his work now~
 See the interview with Andrew who participated with Barack.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwE8m50sbWk (there are 39 10 min videos)
今、宇宙では、NESARA法の発効が必然に なったことによって、非常に多くのことが起きています。それは通貨に関することではありません。それは通貨交換率の改定や、不動産の再評価についてではあ りません。それは聖なる政府に関することです。ヘッジファンドや、ディナールの現金化などのゲームを行っている者たちは、思うままにはゲームを続けること は出来ず、犯罪者と看做され、78のプログラム、あるいは、135000の人道主義基金からの支払いを受けることはないでしょう。ある者たちは米国から資 金を剥奪されて永久追放され、別の者たちは、ハーグに送られるでしょう。愛であってください。インシャラー!こちらはエリザベス・トゥルートウイン経由で のセント・ジャーメインです。                

 Uploaded on Aug 31, 2009

interviewed by www.jessicamystic.com
 A Conversation with Andrew D. Basiago about the
 Hidden History of His Discovery of Life on Mars

In this fascinating, six-hour interview, American lawyer Andrew D. Basiago, 47, narrates the hidden history of his discovery of life on Mars in 2008 and reveals the fact that by 1968 the US intelligence community was already aware of aspects of his later Mars work.

Andy relates his experiences in DARPAs Project Pegasus during the period 1969 to 1972, and describes probes to past and future events that he took via teleportation and chronovision during the early days of time-space exploration by the US government.

He confirms that the United States has been teleporting individuals to Mars for decades, and recounts the awe-inspiring and terrifying trips that he took to Mars in 1981 after he was tapped to go there because he had teleported as a child participant in Project Pegasus.
 I first met Andy in July 2009 at ECETIs Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conference near Mt. Adams, Washington, where we were both featured speakers.
 During his lecture, Andy shared numerous photographic images evidencing his discovery of life on Mars, including many photos of humanoid beings, different animal species, carved statues and built structures on Mars that put him at the forefront of Mars research.
 Throughout the weekend, Andy lectured at his table to small groups of conference-goers, who came and sat in rapt attention as he shared stories about his experiences as a child in Project Pegasus, the secret US research program in which time travel was the focus.
 I know that, like me, everybody who took part in those impromptu seminars was certain that Andy is, as Bill Ryan of Project Camelot stated recently, the real deal  a truth-teller with significant new information to share about the real Philadelphia Experiment.
 In this interview, Andy tells the phenomenal story of seven briefings over 40 years in which he was shown evidence of his destiny involving the discovery of life on Mars, and explains how the emergence of time travel and this epochal future event were interlinked.
 According to Andy, by 1968, the CIA was already teleporting individuals to the past and future to retrieve artifacts there and bring them back while propagating holograms of past and future events with devices called chronovisors to also gather intelligence.
 Incredibly, as a result of this quantum access, in 1971 Andy was given a copy of his landmark paper The Discovery of Life on Mars and asked to read and remember it, so that when he wrote it, in 2008, it would contain as much data about Mars as possible!
 A book and film about Andys experiences in Project Pegasus are in development and he will soon be featured by Project Camelot. This must hear interview is an introduction to a major figure in the Disclosure Movement and an emerging 21st century visionary, who is fighting the good fight to bring his important story to light.

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